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FOCUS: the immune system

10 February 2022

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In winter, the immune defenses are solicited by all kinds of external aggressions: bacteria, viruses, epidemics in the horse’s environment.

Exposure to cold and humidity can weaken the immune system and make horses more susceptible to infection.

At Naturacheval, our IMMUN’ACTIV has been designed to strengthen the immune system during this period. What is it made of?

  • BREWER’s YEAST: increases the activity of phagocytes, the cells responsible for destroying microbes.

  • ECHINACEA: gives the body more resistance and strengthens the immune system

  • TURMERIC: helps increase vitamin E levels to improve immune responses

  • THYME: rich in vitamin A, an asset for the immune system

  • SHIITAKE: strengthens the immune system against external attacks

  • PROPOLIS: helps prevent respiratory infections, allergies, colds, etc.

Natural performance!

More information on our IMMUN’ACTIV:

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